Car care products.

 Car care productsOf all the substances belonging to the category of chemical goods, motorists often use a variety of shampoos, designed to clean the surface of the car body. The composition of these means include substances that can easily dissolve oil and dirt without damaging the paintwork of the vehicle.

The second place is occupied by a substance designed to make transport interior more comfortable. These include a variety of polishes for lining and air fresheners. All of this is also indispensable in the present life of any vehicle.

The most useful and necessary chemical additives in the car are considered various adjuvants – substances that contribute to the conservation of the resource engine. This category may include some of the transmission and engine oils.

No less important are also aggressive preparations intended for cleaning auto parts. For example, a rust converter for a century of its existence has saved a lot of car bodies from total destruction due to corrosion.

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